Our family

Patrick and I both grew up in the same hometown tucked in the Virginia mountains. With our families just minutes down the road, we continue to call it our home today. Because Patrick and I are only a few months apart in age, we've experienced most everything in our adult lives togethergraduating college together (different schools), being poor together, buying our first home together. All of this prepared us to become special needs parents together. We were 23 years old when we married in September of 2005, which seems so young now looking back, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Twelve years and counting!

Patrick and I at my college graduation in 2004.
Patrick and I this fall (2017).
We welcomed our first daughter, Aubrey in July of 2009. She's a spunky, opinionated, outgoing, and wicked smart eight-year-old. She keeps us on our toes!

We welcomed Emelyn to our family nearly four years later in March of 2013. Emelyn is about the most laid back child you'll ever meet with a giggle that will bring a smile to anyone's face.

Hattie joined us in January of 2017. Yes, that's right, three girls! Hattie has added a really fun new dimension to our household. She's full of energy, has the funniest expressions, and adores both of her sisters.

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